Orvieto Classico label


Orvieto Classico is a well-known fruity white wine produced around Orvieto.  This label (from the Ruffino winery, a wine distributed in the U.S. for about $10 a bottle) shows a sketch of Orvieto including the recognizable landmarks of the Duomo, the Torre del Moro, and the Torre del Maurizio.  I think this is an imaginary and rather truncated perspective, although I'm not positive--I have only seen the town from below from the area of the train station and the funicolare--so my apologies to the artist if I am wrong about that.

This wine is an agreeable change of pace from the run of the mill Chardonnays.  Without much doubt, though, the best place to drink Italian wine is in Italy, going for whatever is produced locally.  House wines in U.S. restaurants tend to be pretty flavorless deals.  By contrast, I have never been served a table wine in a restaurant in Italy that wasn't eminently drinkable and a good complement to the food.  The wines that are exported to us, particularly the inexpensive ones, are uneven in their quality.  I suspect that some are wines that nobody in Italy wants to drink ...
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